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Panic Selling in cryptocurrencies | collapsed will be introduced in Parliament to ban

It is reported that the government will introduce the 'Crypto Currency and Official Digital Currency Regulation Bill 2021' in the winter session of Parliament starting on November 29 to ban the cryptocurrency that has created panic in the virtual world.

The Modi government has completed preparations to ban cryptocurrency in India. Seeing the preparation of this ban from the country's parliament, most of the cryptocurrencies around the world, which filled the virtual world, crashed. 

It is reported that the Modi government at the Center will introduce a bill in the Parliament during the winter session starting from November 29 to ban cryptocurrency. For this, a decision will be taken in the meeting of the Union Cabinet to be held on Wednesday. After this move of the central government, its business saw a decline of about 15 percent. 

Crypto Currency latest news today :

At present, there is neither any restriction nor any law regarding the use of cryptocurrency in India. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with senior officials regarding cryptocurrency in the month of November and indicated that strict steps would be taken by the government to deal with this issue.

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