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Indusind Bank Share Falls | What is next price target with chart analysis

Why indusind bank share fall today :  IndusInd Bank shares slumped over 10 per cent in trades today amid reports of lapses in governance and accounting norms to allegedly 'evergreen' loans running into thousands of crore since the outbreak of Covid-19.  The bank also denied allegations of ever greening of loans and said, "The Bank strongly denies the allegations of ever greening. All the loans originated and managed by BFIL, including during the Covid period which saw the first and second waves ravaging the countryside, are fully compliant with the regulatory guidelines. The Bank, through BFIL, provides micro loans to women in rural India for income generating activities under the Joint Liability Group format. This customer segment represents the bottom of pyramid in terms of economic wealth and is the target segment for Financial Inclusion."

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Indusind Bank Share Price Target with Chart Analysis :

Indusind Bank Share Chart analysis in Daily Chart. Here you can see which price is good for indusind bank share for support zone. 

Indusind Bank Share

Indusind Bank Share on Weekly Chart : on weekly chart analysis you can see indusind bank share falls and break down acceding Flag Pattern.  so you can see 1000 to 900 is support zone on chart analysis.

Indusind Bank share Target

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